CERN Meyrin site aerial views
A view from 200m (Image: CERN)


To create the collaborative and inspiring work environment for us all to thrive, we are all expected to conduct ourselves in accordance with our organisational values, with respect and integrity. Further, the Staff Rules & Regulations, Chapter 1, Section 3: Conduct, stipulate:

“Members of the personnel shall conduct themselves with due regard to the interests and proper functioning of the Organization.

Employed members of the personnel shall perform the functions entrusted to them with integrity and with loyalty towards the Organization.

Members of the personnel shall refrain from any act or activity:

  • which is incompatible with their functions; or 
  • which would be morally or materially prejudicial to the Organization.

Members of the personnel shall exercise at all times the reserve and tact incumbent upon them by virtue of their international status”.

In these pages you can find out more about the Code of Conduct as well as the anti-harassment policy and integrity at CERN.

You can also visit the Ombud pages and CERN's response channels in the event of inappropriate behaviour, misconduct or harassment.

Conduct / Misconduct