Fellows, Associates and Students Programmes

For all enquiries about eligibility criteria and status of your application for Fellows, Associates and Students Programmes, please contact us via the website: https://careers.cern/faq

  • AFC Selection Committee Coordinator: Katharine Thomas-Chevreux
    • Selection of Fellows, Paid Scientific- and Corresponding Associates
  • Marie Sklodowska-Curie Selection Committee Coordinator:  Ingrid Haug
  • TSC Selection Committee Coordinator: Katharine Thomas-Chevreux
    • Selection of Technical and Doctoral Students
Programme Contact Back-up

Coordinator: Katharine Thomas-Chevreux

Accelerators & Technology Sector: Jennifer Dembski

Research & Computing Sector: Geraldine Ballet

Finance & Human Resources Sector,
IR Sector, HSE Unit, DG Units: Muriel Colson

afc.recruitment@cern.ch ​
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Programs Ingrid Haug Katharine Thomas-Chevreux
Scientific Associates Sybille Salter Geraldine Ballet
Guest Professors Geraldine Ballet Katharine Thomas-Chevreux
Corresponding Associates Sybille Salter Geraldine Ballet
Project Associates


Sybille Salter


Geraldine Ballet
Summer Students Adriana Bejaoui Jennifer Dembski
Technical Students Céline Delieutraz Adriana Bejaoui
Doctoral Students Priscilla Valavicius

Muriel Colson

Administrative Students Adriana Bejaoui Céline Delieutraz
Short-term internships (1-6 months) Laetitia Luberda


Martine Jammes
Job Shadowing (1-2 weeks, ages 15-18) Céline Delieutraz


Trainees (ES, PT) Jennifer Dembski  
Trainees (VIs) Céline Delieutraz Elisabeth Fonteyne
Technical Apprentices Virginia Prieto Hermosilla
(Technology Department)


Children of Personnel Virginie Galvin Geraldine Ballet
INFN Associates (Italy) Geraldine Ballet Katharine Thomas-Chevreux
Technician Training (TTE) Céline Delieutraz


Muriel Colson