Official Travel

The procedure below applies to official travels that took place in 2019. For 2020 travels, please consult the new procedure

Pursuant to article R V 1.11 of the Staff Regulations, the Organization pays members of the personnel the travel expenses for a return journey between their place of residence or duty station and the duty travel destination.
Official travel may not be undertaken without prior approval.

Article R V 1.18 of the Staff Regulations stipulates that for the calculation of travel expenses, the Director-General shall use the cheapest possible route and means of transport for the date of travel, taking account of the time for which the subsistence indemnity will be paid. 
In general, public transport must be used where possible.

The Organization pays a subsistence indemnity for accommodation and meals where the travel destination is more than 50 km from the member of the personnel's place of residence and duty station. This indemnity is not paid during periods of leave taken in the course of duty travel.

Expenses necessarily incurred in the course of duty travel may be reimbursed on presentation of the relevant receipts:

  • taxi fares if there is no public transport available or if accompanying baggage is heavy or cumbersome;

  • other expenses necessitated by the journey, with the exception of tips (car hire, tolls, fuel, etc).

N.B.: Overtime, work on official holidays or the equivalent, Sunday work, night work and stand-by duty during official travel are not compensated or remunerated.

Pursuant to article R V 1.37 of the Staff Regulations, claims for the payment of travel expenses are no longer admissible six months after the date on which the entitlement to the payment begins, i.e. the day after the member of the personnel returns from the official travel.

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