[EN] How do I go on about making a claim with UNIQA (health insurance) ?


You will have to pay the doctor yourself first and then fill in the claim form attaching required documents in original (prescriptions, invoices and proof of payment). If you go to see a doctor in Switzerland please ask for the bill right away; otherwise it is sent by mail several weeks later and you might already have left CERN. The completed form should be submitted to UNIQA by post or in person to their office in the Main Building (Building 63-R-001), dedicated pre-printed envelopes are available from the department secretariats. You will be reimbursed directly to your bank account. The delay is up to 2 weeks. If you leave within those 2 weeks and you haven't received your reimbursement yet, make sure you give UNIQA your home bank account number in order for the money to be transferred to this account.

To "help limit the cost of administration", no claim should be submitted for less than CHF 10,-- (Unless it’s your last claim before leaving CERN).

Reimbursement rates:

The cover and conditions of the CERN Health Insurance Scheme (managed by UNIQA) is defined in the Rules of the CERN Health Insurance Scheme (the CHIS Rules). As a Student you have the “Normal Health Insurance Cover”. The list of benefits (Annex I in the CHIS Rules) defines which costs you can claim reimbursement for, the applicable reimbursement rate and any additional conditions.

Please note that:

  •  you are reimbursed 5% more (reimbursement bonus) for e.g. visits to doctors, costs for medicine in the countries listed in the first table in Annex I in the CHIS Rules and

  • any given maximum reimbursement ceiling (for 12 months) is reduced proportionally for contracts of shorter duration.

Further information, forms and the CHIS Rules and other official documents are found on the CHIS website.