CERN’s Values and Code of Conduct

1. Our culture, our values

CERN is a truly unique organisation, a place where people from all around the world work side by side to probe the fundamental structure of the Universe.

The Organization's core values are : integrity, commitment, professionalism, creativity and diversity. These values underpin the CERN Code of Conduct. which is all about the common basic standards of behaviour to help us understand how to conduct ourselves, treat others and expect to be treated in accordance with the CERN values.


2. CERN’s Code of Conduct


What is the Code of Conduct:

Introduced in 2010, the Code of Conduct is intended as a guide in helping us, as CERN contributors (whether members of the personnel, consultants, contractors working on the site, or people engaged in any other capacity at or on behalf of CERN), to understand how to conduct ourselves, treat others and expect to be treated. It is established around the five core values of the Organization. We should all familiarise ourself with it and try to incorporate into our daily life at CERN.

The Code of Conduct is a short document, and intentionally so. To increase understanding of how the Code of Conduct applies to real-life situations, a list of Frequently Asked Questions has been compiled (see "reference documents" section and FAQ).

If you are unsure of a particular aspect of the Code of Conduct:

If you are unsure about any aspect of the Code, a number of resources are available to you:

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