Etudiants d'été: Pages pour les superviseurs

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Each year, the Summer Student Programme starts by publishing the Vacancy Notice for applications (beginning of November until end January). It is then followed by the launch of the project submissions taking place  from 4th January to 4th February 2021. (tbc)

The Departmental Representatives of the Summer Student Programme  forward the relevant information to the potential supervisors within their respective departments. Interested supervisors have several weeks for proposing projects ON the dedicated Indico platform. It is advised to appoint two supervisors per project. Such arrangement is put in place so that the assigned summer student will have a back-up supervisor during the stay. 

Once the project submission is over, all projects are shared with the respective Department Representatives or Experiment Team leaders for a review. The review period usually takes two weeks. During this time, each project is ranked and categorized based on project priority. As there are three rounds of student pre-selections, accepted projects will be categorized based on their ranking to first, second or third round of selections and entered in the selection tool accordingly. 



Two tools are used for pre-selections:

  1. Smartrecruiters – to view student profiled
  2. Summer student selection tool – to enter pre-selections

At each selection round, supervisors of accepted projects will be given access to available and eligible pool of candidates in Smartrecuiters. They will be able to make a pre-selection of 10 candidates in order of priority in the Summer student selection tool. Each project will have its own pre-selection.

After each selection round is over, a selection algorithm runs and makes the final assignments per project. The algorithm takes into consideration the nationality quota, project priority and the pre-selection itself. The selection guidelines as well as the selection algorithm explanation can be found here. For information, the 2021 selection schedule is as follows:
tbc (dates from 2020), initial dates ( liknk under creation): 

  • 1st Selection Round: Monday 1st March to Monday 15th March
  • Selection Algorithm 1: Tuesday 16th March
  • 2nd Selection Round: Friday 19th to Monday 29th March
  • Selection Algorithm 2: Tuesday 30th March
  • 3rd Selection Round: Wednesday 1st April to Wednesday 7th April
  • Selection Algorithm 3: Thursday 8th April

Selection results are communicated after each selection round. Non-assigned projects go automatically to the following round.



Please consult the supervision guidelines here.



For important dates and events see this page.



Besides the work project, summer students are advised to take part in the following activities:

  • Summer Student Lecture Programme (SSLP): each morning from X to X. (dates to be confirmed for 2021)
  • CERN openlab Lectures (IT topics): July - August some afternoons (schedule can soon be found here)
  • Organized CERN visits: 4 visits have been organized for each student on 2 afternoons  to the Anti Proton Decelerator & Data Centre; Synchrocyclotron & ATLAS Visitor Center. Since a lot of effort is put into the coordination of visits and assignments of guides, we require the student’s presence.
  • Summer Student Workshops: taking place on afternoons. The workshop catalogue can soon be found here.