[EN] Application in limited-duration and indefinite-contract recruitment


Managers, Human Resources Advisors and recruiters will be able to define new job opening requirements more easily by extracting the information on the BMJ, discussing the details with hiring teams in the departments and adjusting accordingly to produce a Vacancy Notice.  This will improve efficiency in the recruitment process by providing a starting point for discussion with a common foundation and language for all jobs.

For recruitment, the use of BMJs will build upon the previous concept of ‘job footprints’, used since 2011 for recruitment on limited-duration contracts and integrated in the EDH “Request for opening a Staff Post” document.

The advantage of BMJs is that they provide common CERN-wide definitions across all HR processes.  The information stored in BMJs will also include a list and description of the main activities (not currently available in the job footprints) as well as the applicable grades for recruitment (e.g. grades 6-7 for an engineer).

For recruitment on limited-duration contracts, an analysis will be made of the specific features of the post to be filled in order to target potential candidates more effectively and potentially to give the vacancy a more detailed description for the purpose of advertising on external job boards.

For the internal indefinite contract award (CCRB) process, BMJs will facilitate the standardisation of indefinite-contract vacancy notices.  Use of BMJs will also be beneficial in determining, for a given set of IC positions, which ones to consider together, in the event that there is competition. Also, BMJs will also help to assess internal candidates’ relevant experience for a given IC position.

Flexibility will be maintained with the possibilities to add/suppress/complement technical competencies and activities.