[EN] What is the subsistence allowance for summer students and how will I receive my subsistence?



As a Summer Student you will receive a subsistence allowance to cover the costs of your stay in the local area. This allowance amounts to 90 CHF net per day as of your first contract date until you last contract date (including weekends).

Please make sure that you have enough money for the first week at CERN.

Students receive, on the day of their arrival, a prepaid card on which an advance of 2600 CHF is paid. Students are provided with instructions on the use of their card as well as applicable fees. They have an obligation to read it.

Every four weeks (if applicable), an advance of 2600 CHF is paid on the prepaid card.

The balance of the subsistence allowance due (90 CHF multiplied by the number of remaining contract days) and the amount of the arrival and departure travel (if applicable) are credited on the card the last week of contract of the student.

The card is valid for six months after its issue. Money accumulated and unused beyond this will be lost.