[EN] 1.3. What are the channels to explore internal mobility opportunities?


You may explore internal mobility opportunities through:

  • a vacancy published on the Careers at CERN website or specifically on the dedicated internal mobility pages.
  • discussions with your supervisor, for instance during the annual interview, or with your HR Adviser who can match your competencies to existing or upcoming positions.
  • direct contacts with the management of the targeted sector/department/group to check if there are or will be job openings and study the move possibilities.
  • use of your network to be kept updated on present and future openings before their publication.
  • an application for a position advertised in your department, if it has a dedicated section on its website or Intranet.

Internal Mobility may also be instigated by the Organization 'to adapt its human resources and organic structures to its changing needs [...] taking due account of the staff member’s qualifications and abilities' (see Administrative Circular N°17 (Rev.1)).