Welcome to the CERN support for those affected by the war in Ukraine

Contact points at CERN

Resources and guidance

Our thoughts go out to all of you who are personally affected by this war. As global citizens who espoused 
the principles of science for peace by joining CERN, we all are concerned, in one way or another.  

Whether you could use some help or want to help, you will find here a comprehensive list of resources to support you at best. 

Content of the support resources:

1) Support for Ukrainian nationals at CERN
2) Support for relatives of Ukrainian nationals at CERN 
3) How I can help 
4) Channels to follow  
5) External Psychological Support

Please bear with us as the information is reviewed and renewed constantly, with the situation and reactions happening at a fast pace.

In addition, the Medical Service released a poster that includes tips on how to look after yourself and stay focused during the war.

Frequently asked questions

We have compiled a document with answers to commonly asked questions that have come up since the beginning of the military invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

With our kindest thoughts and fiercest hopes, as we continue to wish for peace to be restored. 

We warmly welcome your feedback on the resources via this email