CERN Opendays 2019 - P1-18
CERN Opendays 2019 - P1-18 (Image: CERN)

My first week

What I Need To Do

This is it! Your first week has arrived, here are the main steps you will have to follow to ensure your seamless integration and take up of your new role.

You will find here a detailed checklist to help you keep track of the various steps below, and a schematic quick reference guide of the various steps can be downloaded on this link.

1. Attend the Welcome session you are invited to on your first day at the Globe of Science and Innovation.

  • Ensure you register for the event and download your temporary access card before the day following instructions provided in the invitation a week before.

2. Once you have arrived, within 48 hours, fetch your CERN access card at the registration service, Building 55.

  • NOTE: the access card must be worn visibly at all times on the site.

3. Follow guidance provided by the Cards Service (or the Users' Office is you are a USER, VISC or COAS) to apply for your Swiss and French cards, for yourself and members of your family where applicable. 

  • If you already have a card or a Swiss permit (types B, C, G or L), please bring it with you on your first day.
    • You will be asked to return any existing card or Swiss permit in order to apply for the Swiss legitimation card which is mandatory for CERN personnel with a contract of over 55% presence at CERN.

4. Open a Swiss bank account within 18 days and register it on this link.

5. Register your vehicle and acquaint yourself with the Traffic and parking regulations on the site. If you are importing your vehicle, complete the necessary formalities (CH or FR depending on where you choose to live) as soon as possible. To this end the Installation Service can support you. 

6. If needed, download proof of your employment with CERN on this self-service link (for e.g. apartment rental or other purposes).

7. Familiarise yourself with taxation matters and how to make a tax declaration in France and Switzerland.

8. Complete your local address in this form and provide your emergency contacts on this link.

If you are moving to Switzerland, the Swiss authorities strongly recommend that you register your arrival on a voluntary basis within 14 days (see Bulletin Article):

  • with the "Contrôle de l'habitant" of the commune of residence, you move to the canton of Vaud ;
  • with the Office cantonal de la population et des migrations de Genève (OCPM), you move to the canton of Geneva.

9. For new Staff members or holders of a fellow contract (who will be automatically affiliated to the CHIS):

  • If you are married or in a registered partnership, please complete the Spouse Health Insurance and Professional Income Declaration (SHIPID) on this link within 30 calendar days from the start of your employment contract.
  • If you are covered by the French Sécurité sociale or a LAMal health insurance:
    • Your "Sécurité sociale" cover automatically ends on the first day of your contract with CERN (please note you will have to return your Vitale card); if covered by LAMal, you should take steps to end your LAMal cover. You may also have to take steps regarding your spouse/partner and/or dependent children (please contact UNIQA).

10. Register your personal devices to the CERN network (laptop, smartphone, and tablet) on the Network Portal (note you need to be signed in for this operation).

  • You will need to provide some basic information such as the make, model, OS and more importantly the MAC address of your devices.
  • To help us keep informed of newcomers' IT needs, please complete the following Survey.
  • The CERN computing blog provides you with information, news, links, all designed to help you in your daily jobs. To automatically get quarterly updates please subscribe.

11. If not done prior to arrival, take the mandatory safety course.

12. Follow the mandatory online 'Data privacy - basics' course.

What I Need To Know

​(Please note some of these links require being signed-in)

Upon signing a contract with the Organization, all members of personnel agree to be subject to the Staff Rules and Regulations, which define and codify the legal relationship between the Organization and the Members of Personnel, setting out their various rights and obligations as well as the privileges and immunities to which they are entitled and the protection that the Organization provides.

Members of personnel are expected to conduct themselves with due regard to the interests and proper functioning of the Organization. They must carry out the functions assigned to them with integrity and must demonstrate loyalty to the Organization by refraining from any act or activity incompatible with these functions or prejudicial to the Organization. The CERN Code of Conduct is based on CERN's core values and describes the basic standards of behaviour that we must all set ourselves and are entitled to expect from our colleagues in the workplace. View these short videos that invite you to reflect on the way one’s behaviour can affect our working environment, through a series of situations covering CERN's five values.


  1. Safety is an important issue at CERN, owing to the nature of its experimental facilities, its international status and its location on the territory of two different countries, France and Switzerland. Safety is a priority of CERN's general policy. CERN defines and implements a Safety Policy, the CERN Safety Policy that sets out the general principles governing Safety at CERN.
  2. Any request or incident for any given service can be addressed to the Service Desk.This useful video shows you how it can help you and guide you in your every day work.
  3. If you notice any shortcoming in the computing infrastructure (e.g. missing printer, lacking wifi coverage), open a ticket with Service Desk rather than trying to overcome them yourself.
    • Remember you are in first instance responsible for securing your computers, networks, data, systems & services. The Computer Security Team - and the IT department - are ready to assist you in this. On the computer security web site, you can find pointers to the rules, recommendations and training.
    • 3 Operating systems are supported at CERN: Linux, Windows and Mac. On the IT web pages you can find details information and support. The Desktop OS Comparison section helps you in the process of selection, hardware purchase and installation of your computer.
  4. Mobility is an important aspect of your life at CERN, whether by car, shuttle, bicycle or on foot. Find out more:
  • CERN entrance opening hours.
  • Download the MapCERN Application, an offline application for iOS and Android devices. The app displays useful geographic data on a map allowing its users to search for buildings, rooms and locations at CERN.
  • Browse the CERN site maps.
  • CERN car parks.
  • The CERN car-sharing scheme provides CERN vehicles on a self-service basis. A pool of 35 vehicles are available for pickup from 15 locations around the Meyrin and Prévessin sites.
  • CERN shuttle service: five circuits are proposed by the CERN shuttle service. Drivers will ask the passengers to show their CERN access card. In case they do not have it, they will be dropped off at CERN entrance to do the necessary formalities.
  • CERN bike rental: CERN bicycles are made available to CERN members of the personnel in the framework of their activities at CERN and for professional use only.
    • If you have your own bicycle: Six bike repair stations are installed across the Meyrin and Prévessin sites to promote green mobility. On the Meyrin site, you can find the repair stations at entrances A, B and C. On the Prévessin site, they are located at the main entrance, the entrance on Route du Maroc, and the entrance on Chemin du Moulin des Ponts.
  • Moreover shower points are installed at CERN at strategic locations. You can find the list of showers available for use here (or select "Points of interest", then "Sanitary facilities" and finally the shower category you are looking for on

Who Are My Key Contacts

The following services are there to help you with any query you may have: