CERN's Values

CERN's values are commitment, professionalism, creativity, diversity and integrity. Taken together they provide the basis for respect: respect for others, respect for the Organization and respect for its mission, and underpin the CERN Code of Conduct.


The following short videos invite you to reflect on the way one’s behaviour can affect our working environment, through a series of situations covering CERN's five values.

Subtitles are available by clicking the 'subtitles' icon on the right once the video starts playing.


Demonstrating a high level of motivation and dedication to the Organization.

Our collective commitment to CERN is essential both to the achievement of its mission and the protection of its reputation.


Producing a high level of results within resource and time constraints and fostering mutual understanding.

Our ability to deliver and to create a positive work environment permits us to achieve high professional standards, individually and collectively.


Being a the forefront of one's professional field, furthering innovation and organisational development

CERN encourages continuous learning and development and values innovation as well as proactive approach to acquiring and sharing information.


Appreciating differences, fostering equality and promoting collaboration.

CERN’s excellence derives from an environment in which the knowledge and perspectives of a diverse workforce are valued and dialogue is encouraged at all levels.


Behaving ethically, with intellectual honesty and being accountable for one’s own actions.

A high standard of integrity in the performance of our work and in our relationships with others promotes a culture of trust and responsibility.