Inauguration de l'esplanade des particules, le 28 septembre 2018
Cérémonie d'inauguration de l'esplanade des particules (Image: CERN)

Social Affairs Service

The Social Affairs Service is a drop-in service open to all members of CERN personnel (employed or associated), beneficiaries of the CERN Pension Fund, and members of their families. It offers advice and support in a variety of circumstances (professional and private). The Service guarantees confidentiality.

The Social Affairs Service team handles requests concerning many different topics, including: language courses, pre-school and child-minding facilities, the procedure for employing domestic staff or au pair, the education system in Switzerland and France, the recognition of children with disabilities, employment possibilities for spouses of members of personnel, the health care systems in Switzerland and France, rehabilitation and invalidity, divorce or separation, retirement, death and bereavement, and debts.

The Social Affairs Service offers:

  • Information on integration and stay in the Host States.
  • Counselling regarding concerns and problems of a personal, family, professional, administrative or financial nature.
  • Assistance in dealing with relevant authorities or services.
  • Support in facing new situations.


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Integration in the local area

Integration in the local area