Ethics in our workplace is essential. It contributes to a positive and productive work environment whilst fostering trust among us, as CERN contributors, and also the trust of our stakeholders, such as Member States, contractors, and research institutions.

At CERN, our ethics-related framework addresses our individual conduct in the workplace. It aims to guide us to act in accordance with the Organization’s values and the conduct expected of us, and to establish and maintain a healthy and stimulating working environment. CERN's values are commitment, professionalism, creativity, diversity and integrity. Taken together they provide the basis for respect: respect for others, respect for the Organization and respect for its mission. They underpin the CERN Code of Conduct.

The framework is a tool to help all of us to integrate these values into our daily working lives and to understand what is required of us. Carrying out our functions in line with those standards, incorporating them into our daily interactions, and reaching out for advice or guidance in situations of doubt or breach, will contribute to maintaining a respectful working environment.

We all have a responsibility in this area and are also bound by our Staff Rules to ensure that “Members of the personnel shall conduct themselves with due regard to the interests and proper functioning of the Organization.”

Should you require any more information about the CERN's ethical framework, please contact HR-DHO at the following address info-codeofconduct@cern.ch.

Do you need support because you are suffering from inappropriate behaviour in your workplace? The response channels may provide the support you need.