Anti-Fraud Policy

We, as CERN contributors, are required to “refrain from any act or omission designed to deceive others, or to achieve a gain resulting in a loss of funds or reputation for CERN” (Code of Conduct). Such behaviour constitutes fraud. 

CERN has a zero-tolerance approach to fraud and attempted fraud. 

CERN is committed to responding to indications of fraud in a timely and effective manner, in particular by means of established investigation procedures. 

Operational Circular N° 10 - Principles and procedures governing investigation of fraud lays down the definition of fraud and sets out the Organization’s fraud investigation process pursuant to the CERN Anti-Fraud Policy and in accordance with the principles of due process. 

We are required to report suspicions of fraud in good faith, to our line management, the Head of the Human Resources department or the Internal Audit, as we deem appropriate. If we are not satisfied that the necessary follow-up action has been taken, we should contact the Internal Audit. 

The Organization will protect contributors who make such reports from any form of retaliation. 

If we are unsure about any aspects of this policy, we may seek clarification and/or advice from any of the following sources: our line management, the Human Resources department (HR-DHO) or the Internal Audit. 

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