Brexit and CERN

On this page, we have gathered information about the effect of Brexit on UK members of the personnel at CERN and their family members.
CERN has an obligation to ensure Members of Personnel (and their families) have the right to reside in the host states, whether they are a citizen of the European Union or not.
However, the situation around Brexit is constantly evolving, and the extent of the impact on UK members of the personnel at CERN and their family members is not yet fully clear.  In particular, there are uncertainties in the details of the future relationship between the UK and the EU.
In this context, CERN's Host-State Relations Service, Legal Service and HR are working closely with the French and Swiss authorities to find solutions to the issues that may arise as they become better defined.
This page highlights a number of issues that may affect UK members of the personnel at CERN and their families specifically, and updates will be posted as the situation becomes clearer. In addition, there are links to other sources of information that may be of interest and help to those affected by the situation.

General information


For those resident in France, the  “Titre de Séjour Spécial” or “carte de séjour” for children and spouses is the focus of particular attention. Other concerns include the validity of driving licences and right to travel.


Following bilateral negotiations between the UK and Switzerland, 5 agreements have been signed, covering: citizens’ rights, trade, insurance, road transport and air transport. 

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