Internal Mobility

Internal Mobility is defined in Administrative Circular 17 as “a change in the functions and/or in the organizational unit of the staff member, at the request of the Organization or at the proposal of the staff member”.

Internal Mobility must be collectively approached as a global and shared responsibility between the Organization (in order to adapt the Organization’s human resources to its changing needs, maintain a highly committed, performing, developed and flexible workforce) and the staff member (to develop new competencies and skills and increase motivation by providing new challenges and/or new work environment).

Note: Internal Mobility is open to Staff Members only.

Internal mobility opportunities

All job opportunities published on the Careers at CERN page are by default open to Staff Members (LD and IC holders). Specific internal mobility opportunities are published on the dedicated Internal Mobility Pages (sign-in required).

Note: Staff applying for Internal Mobility must do so with their email address in order to be clearly identified as an internal candidate.

Please read the complete procedure on the Admin e-guide. If you have any questions, contact your Human Resources Adviser.


What people have to say about Internal Mobility

Internal mobility happens regularly around us, either inside a same group/unit or across departments and jobs. Here's what staff members have to say about their experience of Internal Mobility, what it represents for them and their career:

  • "La mobilité interne a été pour moi une excellente occasion de relancer ma carrière au CERN dans un nouveau département/groupe pour apprendre de nouvelles compétences tout en apportant mes connaissances accumulées dans le passé."
  • "It represented a major change in work activities that I was looking for". 
  • "La mobilité interne m'a permis de découvrir un service et une activité que j'ai toujours souhaité intégrer et de compléter mon registre de compétences".
  •  "I was approached for an internal mobility, for a specific job opening in another group of the same department, and I welcomed the new challenge with open arms. Seizing the opportunity to do a mobility has been the best decision I have made since I started at CERN. It felt risky at first, changing from the position I was initially hired for, but it turned out to be an enriching experience and greatly helped me break the comfortable routine I had fallen in with my previous job. I am not sure where my career will lead to after CERN but I can certainly appreciate having the opportunity to fit two very diverse experiences into my 5-year contract. I could not have imagined a better way of gaining experience within the Organization."
  • "La mobilité interne m’a permis de donner un nouvel élan à ma carrière, de changer de métier, d’améliorer mes connaissances techniques, d’acquérir de nouvelles compétences. Je conseille vivement la mobilité interne pour pouvoir s’épanouir au travail."
  • "Internal Mobility has been an opportunity to broaden my knowledge of CERN and to apply my experiences and knowledge to a new role."