Operational management

HR Department

In line with its mandate, HR Department assists the Director-General in establishing an environment where ethical behaviour is encouraged, supported, and protected, to encourage members of the personnel to conduct themselves with the utmost integrity.

To this end, HR-DHO is responsible for the operational management of the conduct and integrity framework, with the following main areas of responsibilities:

  • Advice and guidance on the ethics framework (standards, rules, regulations, guidelines)
  • Policy and procedures development.
  • Awareness raising and training.
  • Monitoring and reporting on ethics related issues.

In addition, HR-DHO is entrusted with the processing and evaluation of the requests for authorisation of external activities received from employed members of personnel pursuant to the External Activities Guidelines.

The Ethics Project Steering Committee

The Ethics Project Steering Committee, chaired by the Director for Finance and Human Resources is responsible for overseeing the implementation of a set of measures for improving the CERN ethical framework, providing strategic or systemic input, and for making recommendations to the Director-General where appropriate.

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