Guidelines for gifts, favours and hospitality

In the performance of our professional duties for the Organization, we, as CERN contributors, shall not accept gifts, favours or hospitality for:

  • ourselves;
  • our family or friends; or,
  • any individual or organisation with which we are directly or indirectly connected.

Examples of gifts, favours or hospitality which should not be accepted include: 

  • cash gifts of any amount;
  • a special entitlement given for private use;
  • travel and/or accommodation paid, directly or indirectly, by a supplier or a potential supplier;
  • recurrent invitations for meals or even a single invitation for a meal that could be perceived as excessive or unreasonable; 
  • invitation to sporting, cultural or social events;
  • sponsorship of CERN clubs by suppliers;
  • recruitment of a family member as a personal favour;
  • invitation to enter a company doing business with CERN;
  • any items, including advertising and promotional items, with a monetary value exceeding the 30 CHF level. 

Gifts, favours or hospitality not listed above may only be accepted if they neither influence nor compromise the impartiality and objectivity of the recipient, or could not be perceived as so doing. In this spirit, CERN contributors may accept on CERN's behalf:

  • protocol gifts offered by governmental or public bodies in line with standard practice,
  • product samples provided by suppliers for evaluation purpose. Such samples should remain the property of the Organization;

If accepted, the gifts must be reported to the recipient’s hierarchy at CERN and, wherever possible, shared with colleagues.

The CERN contributors concerned shall report to their hierarchy at CERN any offer of a gift, favour or hospitality that is unacceptable under the present policy. 

In case of doubt

In case of doubt, it is the responsibility of the CERN contributor(s) concerned to discuss the gift, favour or hospitality with their hierarchy at CERN, the Human Resources Department or the Internal Audit. 

Reference documents

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