Social work and social protection


To counsel, in liaison with professionals and relevant services (within or outside CERN) regarding concerns and problems of personal, family, professional, administrative or financial nature.
To offer information concerning questions on insurances, rehabilitation and invalidity, children with disabilities, retirement, family allowances, bereavement.
To assist in dealing with the relevant authorities or services. 
To provide support in facing new situations.


Accident or illness:

  • provide advice and support to the person concerned and/or those around him
  • maintain contact in cases involving prolonged absences or hospitalisation

 Rehabilitation and invalidity:

  • establish contact with the person whose situation is being examined by the CPCRI
  • explain the procedure which will be followed and examine the consequences of rehabilitation or invalidity

Health insurance:

  • help members of the personnel and their families to benefit from social protection suited to their situation
  • respond to information requests
  • to intervene with the administration to insure the continuation of health insurance in exceptional circumstances for children over 20 years old with health problems
  • co-ordinate the procedure dealing with transports costs in case of cure after a work related illness or accident

Children with disabilities:

  • ensure, according to the procedure in force at CERN, the recognition of children with disabilities of members of staff and the revision of situations
  • follow the evolution of the children's situation and examine their particular needs
  • integrate the children with disabilities into the national social protection systems -help parents getting an appropriate information about specialised education establishments
  • give information to family members concerning the allowances of the CERN
  • Health Insurance scheme in case of invalidity and dependency of members of staff and their family (Chapters X and XI of the CERN Health Insurance Rules) and help to set up a file


  • provide advice and support to the dependent person or those around him
  • give information about the various possibilities of weaning cures and their delivery
  • establish contact with the services concerned
  • take part in the setting up and follow up of the “contract of help” in the framework of the Operational Circular N°8


  • provide general information on rights
  • help to set up the dossiers for retirement requests for France and Switzerland
  • refer to caring services at home or to old age institutions


Children's education and protection:

  • provide advice in case of problems at school or behavioural problems
  • help the family to understand and confront the situation, explain, de-dramatise
  • give information about and/or establish contacts with specialised services (local social services, centres for drug addiction, mental development centres)

Divorce and separation:

  • provide support to the person concerned
  • provide information, if appropriate, on marital or family therapy centres
  • inform about judicial aspects: the different types of procedures concerning separation and divorce, in France and Switzerland
  • inform about the dispositions in the Staff Rules and Regulations
  • inform about the collection of maintenance payments
  • inform about social rights and immediate and long term consequences of divorce: regarding health insurance, residence permits, retirement 

Family allowances:

  • provide information about the systems in the Host-States


  • evaluate the situation with the member of personnel
  • request the intervention of the Mutual Aid Fund
  • intervene at the request of the Organisation in case of debts


  • provide support to the family member and help him in dealing with CERN formalities
  • ensure the co-ordination of the administrative procedure within the Organisation
  • collect the administrative and judicial documents necessary at CERN
  • provide information about the social rights at CERN and possibly outside (indemnities, pensions)
  • assist in the request for a settlement permit
  • possibly assist the family in case of repatriation