Banking Service Amfie

European Co-operative Association of International Civil Servants

Created in 1990, AMFIE is established in Luxembourg and operates under particular rules, due to its unique status. As a co-operative association, AMFIE let its members benefit from the preferential conditions it has negotiated as a financial institution with other top-rated financial institutions.

As such, AMFIE can propose a range of financial services, mainly with the purpose of safeguarding capital, at a reasonable cost and with a satisfactory yield.

Who can become a member ?

  • all employed or associated members of CERN personnel with a contract of at least 6 months, their partners, spouses and children
  • former members of personnel, their (surviving) partners, spouses and children

The main advantages

  • remunerated current accounts  in 7 currencies (EUR, CHF, GBP, DKK, USD, AUD, CAD)
  • bank transfers with limited costs, even if it concerns a foreign exchange transaction
  • a MASTERCARD at a preferential rate
  • limited costs on a number of other products and services, and a secure management
  • consultation of accounts via Internet

How to become a member ?

subscription form can be downloaded from the AMFIE website.

On joining, members acquire a share, which costs 10 euro and which is paid back when leaving the association.

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