Application in promotions

A modernized version of the Career Path Guide, called “Promotion Guide” supports the exercise.

In line with the new career structure with ten grades, there will be two kinds of promotion:

  1. promotion within the same benchmark job to a higher grade and higher level of expertise/proficiency and
  2. Promotion to a different benchmark job in a higher grade.

Promotions within a same BMJ will be based primarily on performance and the execution of the main activities of the BMJ, albeit at a higher expertise or proficiency level.  Evaluation of the current functions will be facilitated by the use of a modernised Career Path Guide, to be renamed Promotion Guide in the future.

There will also exist the possibility to change BMJs within the same Grade, which although not a promotion in itself, will follow the same process and procedures.

It is important to note that the modernization of the Career Path Guide is an evolutionary approach. The current Career Path Guide is a well-known and appreciated tool, with some known weaknesses. The intention is to modernize it in a way to address the current weaknesses, without drastic changes.

Promotions to a higher BMJ will mainly be based on performance, carrying out the activities of the higher BMJ, and meeting the criteria required at the corresponding grade.

As is the case today, promotions will not be automatic and will be subject to a career review, with the involvement of HR, as well as departmental, sector or CERN-wide involvement as required.