Application in Workforce/Capacity planning

The BMJ directory will provide clear visibility of current jobs throughout the Organization and will provide an improved framework to discuss the Organization’s present and future needs.  This inventory will take into account the evolution of jobs at CERN, as new jobs will be identified and added , whilst jobs that are no longer relevant for CERN will be removed.

Currently, simulations carried out in relation to workforce planning are based on job codes and this presents a number of limitations.  By using BMJs in the Activity Planning Tool (APT), the Staff Monitoring Tool (SMT) and forecasts (including retirements and turnover parameters), we will be able to identify more clearly the gaps between present and future requirements.  This will allow a more strategic approach to planning by the proactive anticipation of competencies required in the future.  If the competencies required are available on the employment market, then a tailor-made recruitment plan may be established; however if the competencies required are particularly scarce, an approach combining recruitment and in-house talent-building may be considered.