Do I have medical insurance while at CERN?

Membership of the CERN health insurance scheme (CHIS) is compulsory*. CHIS provides for reimbursement of a major portion of reasonable and customary expenses resulting from medical treatment within the conditions specified in its Rules, incurred by its Members. CERN pays 7.71% of the monthly basic allowance and the member pays 4.86% of the monthly basic allowance. CERN also pays an additional premium which covers professional accidents and illness insurance (0.12% of the monthly basic allowance). Further information can be found on the CHIS pages or by contacting  .

The Organization shall not take any measures to safeguard students against the financial consequences of old-age and disability, and unemployment. Should no cover for disability be provided by the home institute the students are under the strict obligation to obtain it themselves. There is a possibility to purchase such insurance from the CERN UNIQA office.

* Unless the students are subject to compulsory health insurance in Switzerland (Lamal), in which case CERN shall nevertheless insure them against occupational illnesses and accidents. The students concerned should submit Lamal insurance certificate to the HR programme coordinator.