What is the subsistence allowance?

3319 Swiss francs/month (the allowance is net of tax)​ for technical and administrative students

3719 Swiss francs/month (the allowance is net of tax) for doctoral students

This amount is intended to cover the living expenses of a single person.


If you are in the following situation:

- married or in an officially registered partnership

- have at least one dependent child

- your spouse and/or dependent child(s) join(s) you in the area for a period of at least 6 months.

As long as your contract duration is for at least 6 months, your subsistence allowance may increase.

You should fill in the declaration ‘Supplement to subsistence allowance due to family situation and should provide a copy of your marriage certificate and child(s) birth certificate(s). This latter document must be drawn up in or translated (official translation) into French, English, German, Spanish or Italian.