Wish to report misconduct to CERN?

Victim or witness, you wish to report misconduct (including inappropriate behaviour, breach of the Code of Conduct, conflict of interests, harassment or fraud) to the competent body for investigation and response?

The following bodies are the ones responsible for handling your report and to trigger a formal response to the alleged misconduct (investigation, administrative and disciplinary action).

If you are not comfortable with the reporting procedure, and if you feel the need to get more information, help or support before filling a complaint or reporting alleged misconduct, several response channels may also provide the support you need.

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Who to contact?

For what kind of misconduct?

More information and contact

Official framework & website


HR Department Head

Any kind of alleged misconduct

OC 9 - §9 & 10
OC 10 - §6
SRR - S VI 2.07


Internal audit

Alleged fraud

OC 10 - §6 & 7


Harassment Investigation Panel Chair

Alleged harassment
(through a formal complaint)

OC 9 - §18


Your hierarchy/management in the department or in the collaboration as appropriate / Department Head

Alleged harassment
Alleged fraud

OC 9 - §9 & 10
OC 10 - §6


Security Service

Alleged theft or security incident
(through a formal complaint)

Declaration of loss or theft / Déclaration de perte ou vol