Diversity Policy


CERN’s Diversity Policy is based on the three principles of “appreciating differences, fostering equality and promoting collaboration” which are drawn from CERN’s Diversity value.
The policy aims at achieving an optimally diverse workforce; the creativity and innovation that comes from a diversity of ideas and perspectives; and a work environment that reflects the diversity value in all policies, procedures and practice.
The dimensions of diversity covered by this policy are nationality/culture, profession, age/generation and gender, as well individual differences such as ethnic origin, sexual orientation, belief, disability, or opinions provided that they are consistent with the Organization’s values.
Diversity is a shared responsibility between all the stakeholders of the Organization and applies to all CERN Contributors, as appropriate.
A budget is agreed and allocated yearly for the operation of the Diversity Programme.
Strategic objectives are decided by the Director-General in the form of short- and longer-term objectives with key performance indicators over specified periods of time.
The Diversity Programme is monitored and progress is reported to stakeholders: Member States, CERN Management and CERN Contributors on a regular basis, as appropriate.

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