External Activity Guidelines


Following the entry into force of the “Integrity at CERN” document, in which the Organization’s conflict of interest policy is elaborated, a working group convened by the Director-General has established a set of guidelines to clarify the framework applicable to employed members of the personnel (MPEs) who wish to engage in a professional, commercial or political activity outside the Organization.

The External Activities Guidelines take into account the many types of external activities pursued by MPEs, paying particular attention to the academic and scientific activities that contribute to the Organization’s outreach. The Guidelines, as well as the external activities request form under Annex II, aim to raise awareness of the applicable rules, regulations and procedures, simplify the authorisation procedure and ensure that such requests are treated in a consistent manner.

The External Activities Guidelines, approved by the Director-General following the recommendation of the Standing Concertation Committee after its meeting on 25 April 2018, are available via the following links:


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