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Stay well during Covid-19

Staying well while managing the demands of work, telework, family and personal life is key. In this dedicated section, we provide you with resources, tips and advice to help support you.

Watch the recording of the online conference at CERN (3 December 2020) entitled: "seven secrets to stay engaged while not becoming overwhelmed/les sept secrets pour s'engager sans s'épuiser") .

The Work Well Feel Well Project - background

A working group has been established to foster a better quality of working life at CERN and, in particular, to identify, remedy and prevent stress in the workplace. This multidisciplinary working group comprises people from the Human Resources (HR) department, the Health, Safety and Environmental protection (HSE) unit and the Staff Association, as well as the Ombud. Part of their work has been to analyse the stress prevention measures taken by other organisations and firms across Europe.

Support structures: (download the poster)

Are you looking for support? Do you need help? The following support structures are there for you.

  • The Ombud (Tel. 73566, Bldg. 500/1-004): listening, guidance, mediation
  • The Medical service (Tel. 73802 or 73186, Bldg. 57): medical and psychological care for health-related issues and stress symptoms
  • HR contacts: HR Advisors, HR Programme Coordinators, social workers: listening, advice, guidance, mediation
  • Staff Association (CAPA, SA delegates - tel. 72819, Bldg. 64/R-010): listening, advice, support

Find an outlet for your energy, creativity and talents: find out more about CERN Clubs !

View short videos that invite you to reflect on the way one’s behaviour can affect our working environment, through a series of situations covering CERN's five values.

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Results of the project and follow up actions - HR Public Session 1st April 2019

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