Work Well Feel Well project background


In 2017, a working group was established to foster a better quality of working life at CERN and, in particular, to identify, remedy and prevent stress in the workplace. This multidisciplinary working group comprises people from the Human Resources (HR) department, the Health, Safety and Environmental protection (HSE) unit and the Staff Association, as well as the Ombud. Part of their work has been to analyse the stress prevention measures taken by other organisations and firms across Europe.

Excess stress is thought to affect individuals's mental and physical health, as well as an organization's effectiveness.

The DG strongly support measures to tackle work-related stress and promote the quality of working life at CERN.

This is a dedicated multidisciplinary Project Team to study recommendations for a stress prevention programme to:

  • Identify and act on causes of stress

  • Increase the coping ability of employees 

  • Reinforce support systems

Project leader: Marie-Luce Falipou