Work Well Feel Well

Excess stress is thought to affect individual’s mental and physical health, as well as an organization's effectiveness.

The DG strongly supports measures to tackle work-related stress and promote the quality of working life at CERN.

This is a dedicated multidisciplinary Project Team involving HR, HSE, SA and the Ombuds to study recommendations for a stress prevention programme to:

  • Identify and act on causes of stress
  • Increase the coping ability of employees
  • Reinforce support systems

The project leader: Marie-Luce Falipou

The sponsor: Marie-Laure Rivier & James Purvis

WG members: 

  • Isabelle Mardirossian (SA)
  • Oliver Boettcher (EN)
  • Pierre Gildemyn
  • Christophe Delamare (HSE)
  • Véronique Fassnacht (HSE)
  • Rafaele Obergfell 

More information: