Anti-Harassment Policy


The Harassment Investigation Panel (HIP) is established to conduct the formal investigation process defined in Operational Circular 9.  The HIP is composed of nine staff members designated jointly by the Director-General and the President of the Staff Association.

The current Chair, appointed in 2018, is Alessandro Bertarelli.

Complaint Procedure:
Any person wishing to file a formal harassment complaint should follow the procedure defined in Operational Circular 9 and submit it to the HIP Chair.

Informal Resolution and Support:
The Organization affirms equality of treatment between people as one of the basic principles of its personnel policy and strives for a working environment where respect for the individual is paramo​unt and difference is considered an asset. It encourages early communication and prompt resolution of complaints. The Ombud can assist in the informal resolution process and should be contacted for advice as soon as possible.

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