Compensation, Benefits and Services

The Compensation, Benefits and Services group oversees:

  • Compensation and classification
  • Benefits (education fees, unemployment and family allowances, travel, overtime, international indemnity, installation and reinstallation indemnities, stand-by duties, shift, leave, home station and pre-retirement programmes)
  • Merit Evaluation and Recognition Integrated Toolkit (MERIT)
  • Health Insurance:
    • Policies and measures to ensure long-term equilibrium of CERN Health Insurance Scheme
    • Management of the Health Insurance Administration contract
  • Social Welfare:
    • Support to members of the personnel and, where relevant,  family members and retirees on matters related to integration, education, handicap, Swiss and French social security and personal matters
    • Personnel welfare initiatives (e.g., preparation for retirement, prevention of alcoholism, stress and burn-out).

HR-CBS Structure