Learning & Development

The CERN Learning and Development team supports learning in its broadest sense - delivering a dynamic, extensive and high-quality portfolio of learning solutions and resources to equip and develop CERN members of personnel. 

Learning solutions are designed to enhance the personnel’s knowledge and key competencies, to maximise their performance and potential to fulfil their functions/roles at CERN.

Promoting a culture of learning, motivation and engagement in alignment with the Organization’s vision and its evolving needs is at the heart of our mandate.

Group leader Elizabeth EASTWOOD-BARZDO 63361 Leadership
Deputy Maria FIASCARIS 62424 Technical

Philippe BERSET 65418 Language, Onboarding
Nathalie DUMEAUX 78144 Career Transition Measures, Language, Leadership
Kyriaki FAKOURELI 65491 Technical
Florence LICCI-OUNNOUGH ☎ 79189 Personal Development & Communication
Erwin MOSSELMANS 74125 Technical Management, Onboarding, Pre-retirement
Nathalie PERKINS ☎ 72844 Technical

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