Emergency Evacuation

Evacuation Procedure

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DO NOT PANIC! At all times during an emergency follow the instructions of the Emergency Guides.

  1. If the evacuation alarm sounds or if instructed to do so by an Emergency Guide, leave the building using the nearest and safest exit route (see Evacuation Plans below). All doors should be closed (but not locked) on leaving.
  2. If possible take your personal belongings (such as handbags and briefcases) with you when you leave. Do NOT return to collect belongings.
  3. In the case of a fire, do not use the lifts.
  4. Assist any person with a disability or reduced mobility to leave the building. Use evacuation chairs (see below) to carry people down the stairs.
  5. Walk quickly and calmly to the designated assembly area (see below) for your building or as advised by an Emergency Guide or Fire and Rescue Service personnel.
  6. Remain at the assembly area (in groups) until instructed to leave by the TSO or Fire and Rescue Service personnel.
  7. Do not re-enter the building until informed that it is safe to do so by the TSO or Fire and Rescue Service personnel.

Evacuation Alarm

In the event of a fire, raise the alarm by manually triggering it using the manual audible alarm system.  

The alarm will automatically be triggered when two different detectors are triggered. If only one detector is triggered, the alarm will not sound and manual procedure must be taken.

Alarm sign Alarm sign & button Alarm button


Smoke detector 1 Smoke detector 2
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Evacuation Chairs


In the event of an emergency evacuation, personnel with reduced mobility are provided with evacuation chairs to ensure that the evacuation is safe and quick.'

Building 5 (5th floor)

Evacuation chair 3Chair building 5

Building 33 (1st floor)

Evacuation chair 1 Evacuation chair 2
Chair building 33

Evacuation Plans & Assembly Points

In the event of an evacuation, Emergency Guides will lead the personnel to the assembly points. Make sure to know the whereabouts of these points in case you are alone in the building. Remain at the assembly point of your building until further instructions are given by the TSO or the Fire and Safety Rescue Service personnel.

Do not re-enter the building while alarm is still sounding.

Access to the Evacuation Plans and Assembly Points for buildings 5, 33, 64, 572, 593, 693 and 664.