Safety Contacts & Links

Essential Safety Contacts for members of the HR Department

Useful links to explore safety norms, processes and procedures at CERN

  • HSE Unit (Health & Safety and Environment)


DSO/DDSO: (Deputy) Departmental Safety Officer

The Departmental Safety Officer and Deputy Departmental Safety Officer are in charge of ensuring safety at a Departmental level through coordinating the various Safety Officers, analysing and solving safety issues in the Department and providing the necessary Safety information and training, amongst other duties.

More details on the role of the DSO and DDSO as well as on the implementation of safety responsibilities within the Department can be found here.

TSO: Territorial Safety Officer

Territorial Safety Officers are here to oversee Safety Regulation and implement them in ways that maintain the good order and working conditions of CERN. They do so by, for instance, monitoring all activity which could affect safety in their area, ensuring good communication between all parties involved, validating Fire Permits, AOCs or IS37 requests and keeping themselves informed of safety regulations.

For more information on TSOs' duties and responsibilities, please click here.

First Aiders

First Aiders are trained personnel here to provide initial care of illness or injuries happening on CERN site, before any further medical attention can be provided.

Emergency Guides

The role of the Emergency Guide is to support the evacuation or the safekeeping of the staff within each building. The duties in relation to this task involve having received previous and adequate training as well as wearing the appropriate clothes and some form of hearing protection.

Their missions are comprised of:

  • Being in charge of evacuation procedures
  • Preventing anyone to move backward
  • Closing doors and windows
  • Guiding people to the nearest assembly point
  • Assembling and counting people once at the aforementioned assembly point