Kindergartens and day care centres ("Jardins d'enfants" and "Garderies")

Canton of Geneva

Kindergartens and day care centres offer a host of regular childcare facilities for children aged between 2 and 5. These centres offer children to stay half-days, enabling them to socialise and to prepare for school.

Drop-in centres provide respite care for a limited period of between 2-3 hours usually for children as young as two. 

Childcare List

In Geneva, the BIPE (Early Childhood Information Office) deals with all requests. It is both a help-desk and a hotline for families.

The BIPE welcomes parents, gives guidance on the different types of care available and registers enrolment applications for all kindergartens supported by the city of Geneva.

Geneva has one drop-in play centre for children under the age of 4.

For the other communes, the childcare centres are under the responsibility of the nursery service run by the "mairie" (the commune's town hall).

Meyrin has an emergency childcare service and the town of Vernier has several kindergartens and a nursery. Satigny has a kindergarten.  

Click here to download the list of kindergartens in the Canton of Geneva.

There are also some kindergartens located in Geneva that have attachments to private schools.  A list of these can be found on the Geneva Association of Private Schools website.


Fees charged are dependent on parents' income and the number of days the child attends the institution.

  • Fees in Geneva
  • Fees in Meyrin
  • Fees in other communes: check with your "mairie".