Parent & Child Groups

Canton of Geneva

The kite is a parent and child meeting place providing recreational facilities for children under the age of 4 (age of compulsory schooling), who come accompanied by their parent(s).  Its goal is to offer a sympathetic ear, providing a platform to exchange ideas and offer support for parents who may be having difficulties with their children.  They also help to facilitate integration.  Several different languages are spoken.

The adult/child centre in the Vernier commune is a meeting place for listening, exchange, socialising which is offered for children from birth to the age of 4 who are accompanied by an adult (parent, family foster family).

The adult/child centre "La Marelle" in the Meyrin commune is a meeting place for play and friendly exchange and is open to all children from birth to entry of compulsory schooling Children attending must be accompanied by an adult or carer such as a grandparent or au pair.

The little discovery in Onex is a welcoming place for children under 0-4 years are accompanied by an adult.  it offers gentle socialisation for children and also gives parents the opportunity to meet and share ideas.   

La maison de la Créativité in Conches is suitable for children up to 6 years old accompanied by adults. Each room of the House offers creative activities for shared pleasure.