Childminding outside school periods

To consult the French school calendar click here.

The Social Affairs Service has some agencies' brochures available for consultation purposes.

Day care for schoolchildren

Recreation centres in France generally cater for children aged between 3-14 years depending on the commune/district.

These centres provide artistic, cultural, sports and outdoor activities for children during the week:

  • before and after classes
  • on Wednesdays
  • during school holidays

The cost of these activities is dependent on income.
It is not necessary to live in the commune in order to enrol your child.
Registration is done directly with the head of the Recreation centre.

List of recreation centres in the Pays de Gex area. Check also with your local town hall.

Holiday camps and language courses abroad

  • List of some agencies that provide recreational facilities during the school holidays.
  • List of organizations that organize language courses abroad.

"Stagiaire aide familial étranger" and "jeune au pair" 

A "stagiaire aide familial étranger et jeune au pair" is aged between 17 and 30 and lives with a francophone family in a cultural setting in order to perfect their language skills.  The "stagiaire aide familial étranger et jeune au pair" must enrol in a French course and receives lodging and pocket money in return for looking after the children and doing household chores.  The maximum working time allowed is 25 hours per week.

Hosting an EU "stagiaire aide familial étranger" gives rise to a written agreement between the "stagiaire aide familial étranger" and the host family established by means of a form called "accord de placement au pair d'un stagiaire aide familial". 

It should be noted that for non-EU "jeune au pair", an agreement must be established between the "jeune au pair" and the host family by means of a form called "convention conclue entre le jeune au pair et la famille d'accueil".

The host family must also declare the person to both the Social Security and the URSSAF.

The Social Affairs Team can also be contacted for assistance.


In France, there is no network that offers lists of baby-sitters. Generally, parents use the services of older children around them (friends, neighbours...) who want to earn some pocket money.   

Alternatively, ads can be found in the local newspapers or on CERN Marketplace.