Child minders/"Assistantes maternelles"

A child minder ("assistante maternelle") is a professional in the childcare field registered by the President of the General Board after consultation with the Services de la Protection Maternelle Infantile (PMI) (governing body).  All registered child minders have completed training enabling them to take care of up to 4 children (usually under the age of 6) in return for payment.

In France, this is the most common form of childcare.

The child minder is paid by the parents who employ the child minder's services.  It is the role of the parents to establish a contract with the child minder that should define the duration, hours, days of work, salary to be paid, paid holidays and cleaning costs.

The "Relais petite enfance" is available to provide you with a list of child minders and with a template contract.

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